IMMAA is registered as a company limited by guarantee in the Republic of Ireland. It is volunteer led and democratically organised.  IMMAA consists of the following bodies:

ANNUAL General Assembly

The General Assembly is the meeting attended by all IMMAA Member Clubs and Gyms. It is the supreme and legislative body of IMMAA. The General Assembly convenes at least once a year, under ordinary circumstances and is responsible for the periodic election of President, Board of Directors and Committee representatives.

Board of Directors

Headed by IMMAA’s President, the Board of Directors is the volunteer executive body of IMMAA.

Technical Committees

IMMAA‘s  specialist, volunteer committees are responsible for advising the board and leading on projects in their expert areas. IMMAA‘s committees include;

  • Governance Committee
  • Event Sanctioning & Commissioning Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Team Selection & Coaching Committee
  • Talent Development & Progression Pathways Committee
  • Public Relations & Communications Committee
  • Event Management Committee

IMMAA is keen to welcome skilled and experienced people to join and contribute to its committees. If you are interested in volunteering your expertise to a committee, please get in touch.


The task of the administrative staff is to implement the decisions made by the General Assembly and the Board of Directors, and carry out all the work of the federation. The administrative staff are typically employees in more established organisations. At this point in time, the Committee members and other volunteers are responsible for the carrying out the main work of the IMMAA, though as we grow we will be able to hire staff to better service our members.


As a start-up, non-profit organisation the IMMAA relies heavily on volunteers for carrying out day-to-day tasks as well as aiding in the development of the organisation.  The governance of the organisation is carried out by the president, the board and committees pro bono.

If you are interested in volunteering for IMMAA to help develop the sport of MMA in Ireland and to gain valuable work experience, please get in touch. There is room for people with a variety of skills, but a keenness to work and enthusiasm for getting the job done are most valued.  Working with IMMAA opens the door to Amateur MMA’s global family –  a network rich in opportunities in this rapidly growing sport.