What We Do

We provide leadership, strategic direction and support to Amateur MMA in Ireland to enhance its development, growth, performance and sustainability as mandated by its members.

We bring improved coherence and coordination of activities and funding into the sport of Amateur MMA in Ireland.

We are responsible for planning, managing and delivering high quality Amateur MMA Programmes, Competitions, Tournaments and Events.

We are responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of the IMMAF-WMMAA MMA Talent Development and Progression Pathways Programme up to High Performance level.

We select and enter teams, representing Ireland, in MMA European and World Championships and other International events. At the IMMAF World Championships in Bahrain in November 2018, Ireland claimed 8 medals with 3 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals, rounding out a hugely successful tournament for Ireland.

We are a driver for integrity, unity, trust, excellence and safety in the sport.

We sanction IMMAA Amateur MMA events in Ireland that must be run:

• To the full IMMAF-WMMAA rules and regulations.
• To the IMMAA and SafeMMA Ireland pre-bout, bout, and post bout medical and safety standards.
• With referees and judges approved by the IMMAA.