The Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association (IMMAA) was founded in 2015 (originally as the IAPA – Irish Amateur Pankration Association) to organise and develop Amateur MMA (mixed martial arts) in Ireland. Our goal is to achieve National Governing Body status and recognition of  MMA as a legitimate sport, suitable for all ages and levels of ability.

IMMAA now has Jurisdiction over all Ireland (32 counties) with the caveat
that in line with the Good Friday agreement, athletes will still have the opportunity to represent Northern
Ireland if they choose.

IMMAA is affiliated to international governing body, IMMAF , and follows its lead with regard its rules and regulations. IMMAA has a very successful track record at IMMAF international events with 9 Gold, 11 Silver and 13 Bronze earned across European and World Championships tournaments from 2015 to 2018. In 2019, Ireland is ranked #1 in the World for Youth MMA and #14 for Seniors. VISION IMMAA‘s vision is to support the development of Amateur MMA in Ireland by promoting athletes’ wellness in mind, body and spirit while giving them life skills that can be utilised throughout the course of their lives. IMMAA will implement the highest medical and safety standards, rules and regulations to protect athletes and to ensure fairness in the bouts in which they compete. MISSION IMMAA‘s mission is promote, grow and develop the sport of Amateur MMA in Ireland.


Clubs wishing to become IMMAA members can find more information on the membership page. Event promoters wishing to run events sanctioned by IMMAA can find information on the Promoter’s page.

For any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact page.


What is elite amateur MMA? Why does it deserve to become an Olympic Sport? Here the IMMAF heads explain the IMMAF -WMMAA vision and the international governing body’s work