In order to abide by the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012-2016 and IMMAA’s Child Protection Policy, all adults must be vetted prior to working or volunteering with children or vulnerable persons

Garda Vetting Forms

Please see below the Garda Vetting Invitation Application form which must be submitted. The process of submitting your application is outlined in the document below. There is a 15 euro cost per application and all applicants must have an up to date individual IMMAA membership.

If you have any question contact

Garda Vetting Guide

Parent Guardian Consent Form

Garda Vetting and Child Protection

The Garda Vetting process is a vital step in implementing the Code of Conduct and Good Practice for Children in MMA. Each organisation/club working within MMA is committed to protecting all those working with young people and to providing a safe environment for all. The Garda Vetting process is just one step in the process of implementing the ‘Code’.  Leaders should also sign a code of conduct within their club and children and leaders should be adequately supervised.  Please refer to our Child Protection Appendices page here where you can find templates for all your clubs needs in building a safe environment for children in our sport.

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