An MMA training session will take place on Sunday May 22nd from 11am-1pm at SBG HQ under the supervision of the IMMAA Youth coaching panel, Danni McCormack (Head Coach), Alan McCormack and Kieran Davern.

This will be an MMA focused training session open to all members of IMMAA affiliated clubs aged 12-17 years old. This is an advanced training session for Youth athletes who have reached a high level of proficiency in their MMA training. This is not suitable for beginners. If you are unsure whether you should attend please ask your coach.

Please note that this squad session is an opportunity for youth members of IMMAA clubs from all accross the country to train together, and will also be used as a part of the selection process for the International Youth MMA team. Athletes who are not vying for a spot on the international team are welcome and encouraged to attend this session as a training opportunity.

International Team Selection

The IMMAA Cadet coaching panel will be selecting the international Youth MMA team IMMAF Cadet World Championships based on each athletes performances and abilities demonstrated at both the IMMAA Youth National MMA Championships and the Youth MMA Squad training sessions. Registration for the IMMAA Youth National MMA Championships and attendance at the Youth Squad training sessions are compulsory for any athletes wishing to be selected for the international MMA team.

Winning a Gold medal at the National MMA Championships does not automatically guarantee an athlete a spot on the international team as the Youth coaching panel must be in agreement that all athletes selected for the international team are of an appropriate standard to represent Ireland internationally, the athletes abilities will also be assessed at the Youth MMA Squad training sessions. This session on May 22nd will be the final assessment before the international team is selected.

Any athlete who does not attend this session will not be eligible for international team selection.

N.B.: The athletes who weighed in in their chosen division at the national championships do not need to weigh in at the squad session, any athletes who registered for the national championships but were unable to be matched for a fight will need to weigh in within their weight division at the squad session on May 22nd.

The successful athletes will be notified via email that they have been offered a spot on the international team, in order to accept this spot they will need to agree to abide by the IMMAA rules and code of conduct and pay a deposit towards the IMMAF tournament registration fees before a defined deadline date. In the case where an athlete does not accept their spot on the team before the given deadline, the coaching panel may choose to offer the spot to another athlete in that division.

Date: Sunday May 22nd 2022

Time: 11am-1pm

Cost: 10euro per person

Location: Unit 13 Goldenbridge Industrial Estate, Tyrconnell Road, Dublin 8 D08 KW22 Dublin

All participants must hold an up to date individual IMMAA membership in order to take part.