IMMAA Recognized as Best Partner Federation for Raising Medical Safety Standards by IMMAF

The Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association (IMMAA) is proud to announce that we have been recognized by the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) as the Best Partner Federation for Raising Medical Safety Standards. This recognition was made as part of the 2022 IMMAF Amateur MMA Awards which took place on February 15th in Belgrade, Serbia as part of the IMMAF World Championships Week.

IMMAA’s medical efforts are led by Marlene Griffin, working in conjunction with Yoni Gottlieb & SafeMMA, to ensure that the safety of athletes is of the utmost importance in every event in which IMMAA athletes participate. The partnership between IMMAA and SafeMMA has enabled the promotion of medical safety standards in MMA throughout Ireland.

“We are delighted to be recognized by IMMAF for our efforts to raise medical safety standards in MMA,” said IMMAA President John Kavanagh. “Our priority has always been the safety and well-being of our athletes, and we are committed to continuing to work with organizations like SafeMMA to ensure that MMA events in Ireland are as safe as possible.”

“We would like to thank IMMAF for this recognition and also express our gratitude to SafeMMA, to all the athletes as well as coaches and promoters who have embraced the standards required and cooperated with us to raise the standard of medicals in Irish MMA.” said Marlene Griffin, IMMAA’s Event & Medical Lead Officer.

IMMAA’s partnership with SafeMMA has also resulted in increased awareness and education of medical safety standards in MMA throughout Ireland. The partnership has facilitated the implementation of pre-fight medical green lighting system, weight management protocols, and enhanced concussion awareness programs.

The IMMAA team is committed to continuing to promote the highest standards of medical safety in MMA throughout Ireland and to collaborate with organizations such as IMMAF and SafeMMA to achieve this goal.


Dan Moriarty

Communications Officer

Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association

About the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association:

The Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association (IMMAA) is the governing body for MMA in Ireland and is committed to promoting the growth and development of the sport. IMMAA works to ensure that MMA is safe, regulated, and accessible for all individuals in Ireland.