National MMA Grading

The Irish Mixed Martial Arts association are proud to announce the introduction of a national MMA grading system in accordance with IMMAF and in association with UAMMA as part of a cross border cooperation initiative between The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

IMMAA Vice-President and IMMAF certified  Level 3 coaches Andy Ryan and Danny Corr will be overseeing the gradings and allocating belt ranking based on the performance, understanding of techniques and skill levels demonstrated on the day.

Date & Venue:

Saturday October 10th at SBG Cork City 

Saturday November 14th at ZKJ Dojo In Belfast.

Time/Duration: 10am – 4p m

Please note that places are limited and are available by pre-registration only. 

Book your place on the 2020 national MMA grading here

Who is eligible? 

  • Anyone who has been training in an IMMAA affiliated MMA gym and is nominated by their coach for grading.
  • Grading is mandatory for anyone intending to apply for the Irish International MMA team. This is not only an IMMAA requirement, but an IMMAF one too.
  • An individual membership to IMMAA is required for all those wishing to participate in the grading
  • Ages 18+

Price: €50 including a one year IMMAA individual membership, €35 if already in possession of an up to date IMMAA individual membership

What is the grading format?

No MMA fights will take place at the grading. 

Applicants grade levels will be evaluated based upon the understanding and implementation of the techniques demonstrated in a class based drilling style where each applicant will train with multiple people of varying sizes, and abilities.

Written multiple choice test of 30 questions to evaluate understanding of rules/regulations

The relevant techniques at each belt level are listed/demonstrated on the IMMAF app:



What is the ranking system?

  • While/Yellow
  • Yellow
  • Yellow/Orange
  • Orange
  • Orange/Green
  • Green
  • Green/Blue
  • Blue
  • Blue/Purple
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Black

How will the grades be awarded?

Each successful participant will receive a certificate stating their new grade and the grade will be applied to their account profile on

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